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Remembering Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day morning I gave Ron a Valentine’s present and card and he gave me a nice Valentine’s card.

I put on Ron’s card, ‘Someone loves you and always will love you. You’re a loving husband and a lovely husband. I hope we can a long Valentine’s day together. I like to spend it with you because I love you very much. You are a wonderful and a very nice husband to me’.

He said, ‘I’ve got a surprise for you,’ and I said, ‘What is it?’ He had brought me a nice bunch of red roses for Valentine’s day. Apart from last year, we went out for lunch together every Valentine’s day. We went and celebrated Valentine’s day, we had a drink, we had dinner and then in 2019 we went to a special pub and we celebrated. Ron said ‘Happy Valentine’s’ to me and I said “Happy Valentine’s’ to Ron.

In 2019 we stayed at our special pub quite a while and then we came home and spent the rest of Valentine’s day together and I said to him, ‘I would like you to be with me for ever and ever and ever. Don’t leave me or go away’. Ron pointed to the roses he gave me and said, ‘Have you got another lover because they are not from me?' And I said ‘Have you got another lover cos these presents are not from me!’ We had a joke like that. We spent the rest of Valentine’s day together and we had the evening together and I said to him ‘I want you to be with me every Valentine’s day’ and he said ‘I would like you to be with me every Valentine’s day my lovely Susie because I’m glad I met you and I’m glad I married you’. And I said the same to him.

This year I wish Ron could be with me again. I bought him a glass one year and chocolates another year. Every year he gave me a bunch of roses. We had a really happy time together.

This is for other people...

If you were with your special person on Valentine’s day last year and now you have lost them like I did, and you used to have a special day together, and you used to go out to a special pub and have a dinner and they brought you special presents.

If you took photos of your special person always look back at the photos of your special Valentine’s days and always remember your and always remember how you were with your special person.

If you ever get upset, like I will this year, always try to cheer yourself up by looking back at the photos you have.

Always think of the think of the nice times and the good times you had together for Valentine’s Day.

Always look at their photo and say that you love them very much and that you will always love them and always think of them.

Try not to get upset and look at the photos from Valentine’s day or other times like Christmas or your wedding day that you had together.

I will always think of the special times me and Ron had together. I will always look at Ron’s photo and say “I love you and you were a special person to me and I will always think of you and always love you.’

Best wishes and stay safe.

Dictated by Susie

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