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Our Holiday On The Boat To Norway

Me, Ron and Jane got a taxi down to the dock at Portsmouth for a very different kind of holiday. Me and Ron had decided to go on a boat holiday, a cruise, as it was something we had always wanted to do. On the cruise holiday we went round to all different harbours in Norway.

We got on the boat and we had our own cabin. We got settled in and unpacked our cases and then we met the staff on the boat and heard about the captain. On the third day of our cruise we met the captain and we had drinks with the captain. That was very nice. They showed us around, they showed us the life boats in case anything happened and then we went back to our cabin for a siesta. Then we went and had dinner in the restaurant on the boat. Then we walked around the ship and had a look around – we really liked it me and Ron. In the evenings we had entertainments discos, bands – Ronnie and I did lots of dancing. In the day we went out on deck and looked over the side – we saw people when we stopped we could see the roads from the ship. The weather was sunny and nice. We got off the ship and walked on the seafront. The entertainment finished quite late and after that we went to bed. The cabins were really nice – we thought it was lovely to go on a boat holiday.

We woke up in the morning and had breakfast in the restaurant – it was all very nice. After breakfast the ship took to different places and we enjoyed visiting them. Sometimes at lunchtime we had dinner on the deck. The food was lovely and it was lovely to eat outside. Ron made lots of new friends and we were talking to people and making friends and having a drink. Jane was with us too.

I really enjoyed myself with Ron and we all had fun. This is for all the people who have lost their loved ones always look back if they went on holiday - look back at the photos if they feel and to remember the good times. If you ever went to Norway with your loved one perhaps you could one day go back to Norway and remember the good times you had there. Or if you feel that would make you sad just look at the photo and remember the good times you had together.

Stay safe and keep safe with my best wishes.

Susie Gentry 12.7.2021

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