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A Story About My Dad

His name was Bill (William). He lived in Frome with Peter, Sarah, Jenny, Mary and Jessie Anne.

Bill worked at Foster Yeoman, he worked there for 36 years. He was a very good worker with a good sense of humour.

His favourite song was 'The time of my life' from Dirty dancing with Patrick Swayze. He helped everyone out, he was good at doing bets on horse racing. He used to chop logs outside the pavement where we lived.

I love my dad, I think of my dad all the time and my mum also I think of every day.

I was upset when my dad died of dementia, it was a very sad day at my dads wake and we had lovely food and drinks. At the wake we had all the family talking together and we did a one minute silence for him. My dad loved my wife Sarah too.

By Peter


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