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The Isle of Wight Story - Lovely Memories of Ron.

Me, Ron and Jane got a taxi down to Hastings and there was a coach waiting for us and we got on the coach. We picked up other people. It was a long way with and we stopped to have a cup of tea and something to eat. We had a nice coach trip to the Isle of Wight – the coach went to the dock and the coach got on the boat. We got off the coach and went and sat on the Isle of Wight ferry. We travelled there and eventually got to the Isle of Wight and our hotel. We got off the coach and went inside – the room was lovely. Ron and I unpacked our suitcases. Put our clothes and things away together. After we had unpacked Jane came to our bedroom and we went and looked around the hotel. This hotel was really nice. They had a dining room, a bar, sofas, telly... everything!

We went to the restaurant for breakfast and dinner. After we looked around we sat down and then we went in to have dinner and then there was entertainment - a lady singing. Then we were all tired after travelling so we went back to our room and went to bed. Then we slept all night and woke up in the morning and got ready. Had breakfast that was very nice and there was other people there too but on the first breakfast we didn’t know them yet.

On the first day we had a coach trip and visited all different places on the isle of Wight. We came back in the evening and it was good being out. Then we got back to the hotel and got ready for our evening meal – we had dinner and we watched the evening entertainment.

One day people went to the shops to buy things and Ronnie and I stayed on the coach. One day we went to the donkey sanctuary and me and Ron went into where the donkeys are we brushed a donkey and adopted it. It had lovely big soft ears and we adopted a donkey.

We enjoyed going on coach trips every day and we loved it. Jane really liked too. It was brilliant. We had a really lovely time. At the hotel we made lots of friends.

This is for other people. If other people have never been to the Isle of Wight then it is a really good holiday. If you still have your loved one with you then go with them. If your loved one is no longer with you go with your family and friends. Always remember your loved ones are always in your heart. If you have lost your husband like I have then always remember the wonderful times you had with them on holiday and look back at the photos from your lovely holidays.

Stay safe and my best wishes to everyone.

Susie Gentry 12.7.2021

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