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Life of Marie

My name is Vicky and I live in Essex. I want to tell you a story of a girl called Marie, I knew her from a special needs school that I used to go to and she had Down’s syndrome. Back in school she had lots of friends but because of her Down’s she used to struggle more compared to me, so she needed that extra bit of help from a teacher or a classroom assistant. When she left school she went to a college that helps her with Maths and English.

But unfortunately I have got some sad news to tell you. In late March she became serious unwell and she was admitted to a hospital in Essex where they discovered that Covid-19 spread throughout her body, and she was put into a induced come and transferred to intensive care unit. She didn’t start to respond to any treatment that the nurses and doctors were giving her, and unfortunately she died a week later because of the Covid-19 took over her body.

She was the age as me which is 32. When she died during April it was the beginning of ‘Lockdown’. It meant not many people can go to her funeral, but I know deep down she would want her friends to funeral to say goodbye to her.

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