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Fitness classes on zoom, watching Family Guy, and Boris’ boring speeches.

Last year I was meant to go down to Brighton for Easter but then we all got told to stay at home. I was a bit disappointed, but it is what it is.

There was another thing that was meant to happen before the lockdown started. My Dad was going to get a new car but he can’t. He is not going to sell his car until the pandemic is over. The car he is planning on getting is fully electric, but the car he drives now is half petrol and half electric.

During the lockdowns I’ve been doing zoom calls and online classes. I’ve been going on lots of walks. I’ve been doing some shopping at the local supermarket. I do an exercise session on zoom twice a week - on Monday evenings and Friday mornings. On Friday’s I have been doing a Facetime session with a personal trainer. It’s been hard to be honest because I do miss having the weights at the gym. I was thinking about getting some weights for my birthday. But I don’t have enough space to have the pull up machine and monkey bars in my house. I do have exercise mats and find a room that is empty and available to use. I use my laptop to do the classes. I sweat a lot and ache afterwards.

Most weeks I have been doing a lockdown zoom meditation session. I get into bed and have my camera and microphone off, and listen to it with the main light off and a relaxing light on.

During the Summer my Dad had a heart attack and my mum called 999. They had to take him down to the hospital. He was there for 8 hours. We weren’t allowed to go to hospital with him because of the virus. He is ok now. I wasn’t a big heart attack. It was from smoking.

Before we knew the lockdown was going to happen, we were about to go to Wales for Christmas and New Year. But then my Dad got told by the landlord that we couldn’t go, so we stayed in London.

I have not been vaccinated yet. I am waiting for a text or email but I have not got it yet.

I am looking forward to the cinemas reopening. I would like to watch an interesting movie. I was meant to watch the Black Widow movie but then it got cancelled.

The good news is that during these lockdowns I have been watching Netflix, ITV Hub, and Disney+. On Netflix I watched Eurovision which came out last year. It’s a funny movie. I have been watching Marvel films on Disney+. On ITV Hub I’ve been watching Family Guy - that’s actually my favourite show.

Soon it will be over but now we have to follow the distancing rules, and listen to Boris’ boring speeches.

There is one more thing I want to happen after the pandemic. I think that most people should go on holiday somewhere. All the airports should be open across the globe. I want to go back to Australia. I would like to fly from Heathrow or Gatwick. I would also like to go to Dublin in Ireland.

The author was interviewed for the website, but wanted to stay anonymous.

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