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Emily’s Lockdown Story

I live with my family; Mum, Dad & siblings Charlotte & Tom and of course my dog Ollie. During lockdown we had our Nan come to stay with us too.

I found lockdown tough because I am a very sociable person and love to be around my friends at school. I didn’t understand the drastic change in routine so would often get upset.

On the flip side to this I enjoyed spending quality time with my family especially my Nan. Danika, my carer, also came over so together we all tried to pass the time with games, films, walks and baking. Baking was my favourite I learnt some new skills and of course liked the tasting at the end!

We found an online dance class which cheered me up and sometimes I would have online school lessons. At first these really confused and upset me, I could see and hear my peers and teachers but I couldn’t reach out and touch them. I soon got used to this and loved this part of the week telling stories and listening to what my friends were getting up to. I also had music lessons which I thoroughly enjoyed as I like to make lots of noise! Finally I had some online physio lessons which I normally would go to weekly, I worked really hard to keep this up so that I didn’t loose any of muscle strength.

So all in all I got through lockdown with lots of support from all my family, friends & teachers. I think I have actually become a calmer more mature young lady because of it. But I am so glad to be back to normal!

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