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Maryam's Lockdown Story

Wearing masks at school

When the country went into lockdown, Maryam was confused and found it very challenging to be away from her normal routine. Maryam is a people person who loves exploring and going to school to be mischievous. She really missed all the important activities in her life: swimming, socialising, shopping and especially travelling abroad on the aeroplane. It was difficult for her to be at home however all the family was at home for her entertainment.

Maryam enjoyed the lovely hot weather in the first lockdown, riding her bike and exploring her local area. By the end of summer Maryam was drained and eager to get back to all her activities. When Maryam returned to school, her routine had changed once again. Maryam had to wait in a queue to get her temperature checked when she arrived, teachers were wearing visors and masks (a game of peak a boo) and there was no Swimming!!

Wearing visors at school

As soon as Maryam eased into a routine, Lockdown 2 commenced. It was back to being indoors with all the family. And the cycle of settling back into school had started again. Finally it was 2021! when we all hoped things would return to normal but the country went into the third Lockdown. But this time Maryam was in school with her favourite teacher Lucy who she had to herself!! When all her friends returned to school, miss chatterbox returned too.

Maryam sharing her story at school

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