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Paul and Jackie's Lockdown Experience

(As told to Jan)

Jackie says...

The best thing is… Our neighbour upstairs cooks us dinner every Thursday. Either sausage or chicken casserole. She never did this before. It’s really tasty!

The worst things are… Staying in every day. I do sometimes go out with Paul (partner). Not doing my usual things, going down Cowley Centre, bingo. Not going to work, can’t see the staff. Not earning money makes it a little bit hard, not too hard. Can afford things we need. Money management sees to that.

I do knitting. You posted me some wool.

Watch TV. Wonder we ain’t got square eyes!

Every week, phone calls from Bryan, Jess and Yazz at the office, and you.

Can’t think of anything that would make it easier.

Paul says...

I had expected it to be much worse than it has been. I thought Jackie and I would have big arguments but we have not had any in nine weeks, only little silly things like who is doing what, not serious arguments. Like we used to.

I have been doing more in the house to help Jackie. Washing up, getting food in the oven, I have done more because I am there not in the office. I can see what needs doing.

I bought some artificial flowers on Amazon to give to our neighbour upstairs who has cooked us a meal every week since it started. She’s the only one. She said “You shouldn’t have done it.”

I’ve been keeping busy doing Karaoke session on Facebook. Colouring books. Taking virtual tours, like Titanic, theme parks, roller coaster rides.

I’m proud of myself, thought I’d have a breakdown. I’m not sleeping well, I don’t like telling Jackie I’m getting stressed but I haven’t asked for help. Other people have greater needs than me. One night my breathing was bad, I thought “Uh oh what is this?” but I got myself back to normal.

I’m doing a Radio Oxford breakfast show next week. Might be about our campaign to count how many people with learning disabilities have died.

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