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Our Hopes For 2021

The Generate Tuesday group worked together to create this poem about their hopes for 2021. They hope you enjoy it!

So far its cold and rainy

But we want plenty sun

2020 was a wipeout

Let’s hope for a better 2021

2020 was a a tough year

But in the end we got it done.

Yes last year was tough

We want life back normal again

We want less worry in a hurry

And we want to see our friends.

A chance to work

A chance to rest

A chance for holiday

A chance to pass

Our driving test

And see our football team play

A chance to go and see some place

A chance to dance to drum and bass

A chance to see my partners face

And brighten up a public space.

I’m happy for my family

I’m happy to play sports

I’m happy for my brand new job

And cutting furlough short.

I’m happy for the roof above

My head that keeps me dry

I’m happy I’m a DJ

And have music in my life

2020 was emotional

But we’re still standing here

So let’s see in 2021

With a massive cheer

We started off this poem

With rain and with bad weather

But 2020 is the same

Nothing bad can last forever.

Written by Benjamin, Michelle, Tony, Justin, Paul, Luis, Tyrone, David, and David.

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