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Nothing About Us Without Us

By Simone Aspis (People 1st member)

The Government have weakened people with learning difficulties rights to education, health and care support in a law called the Coronavirus Act 2020. There are lots of people with learning difficulties that have had their support taken away from them in hospital, school or at home.

Our voice about what the Government was doing was not heard. I had to fight very hard with none disabled people like parents, university workers and their friends who are running campaigns about us without us. There were a lot of people talking about us and taking action without us. This must stop.

It has been very hard to try and change some of these campaigns so that they include people with learning difficulties.  

The best thing that has happened during locked down is working with people with learning difficulties to run projects and campaigns that are led by us.   

People 1st have set up the Covid-19 Support and Action group. This group was set up to provide support and opportunities to speak up and out against us being treated badly because of changes in the Coronavirus law. 

People 1st are setting up a big Make It Easy Campaign.   This has been set up because Government have not made anything about locked down in easy read for people with learning difficulties. 

You can support various campaigns led by us -     

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