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My Lockdown Story by Asif

At the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, I was feeling fine and I participated in lots of Zoom sessions with Uniting Friends. (Day care centre which I attend on weekdays).

As time went on and a couple of months went by, I had enough of the lockdown and got very bored. I got very fed-up, angry and slowly got depressed because of being stuck indoors. However, I wanted to remain positive so when the weather was good, I went for walks around the local area with my brother, mum and sister-in-law.

By the time it reached July 2020, my brother and sister-in-law had their first baby boy who they named Xavair. I was very happy and excited but I couldn't go to the hospital to see the baby due to Covid-19 restrictions. Only my brother was allowed to go every day he spent most of the day there. On the day my sister-in-law and the baby were discharged from the hospital, I went with my brother to pick them up.

I missed going out alone in the Lockdown and now I miss going to Uniting Friends alone by public transport. Even now my dad drops me off and picks me up, which I really hate because I feel I have lost my independence. Also, before lockdown I used to go Westfield, Stratford, Lakeside and all over London but now I only go out with family whenever they go out for shopping to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

When everything was closed, I missed seeing other family members, meeting up with friends and going Uniting Friends. I am hoping I can start going out independently soon as now things are slowly improving.

During lockdown UF sent me stuff like art, drawing puzzles, cross stitch and games but after a few months of doing it virtually at home, I got fed up and wanted to give up but I didn't give up.

During winter months in the 2nd lockdown, I normally go Bangladesh with my family for a month, but last winter it was national lockdown so no flights were going. This meant I couldn't go and my parents missed going as they love to visit their parents and family who live in over there. We also had some sad news that my Uncle (mum's brother) passed away who lived in Bangladesh and we could not go to see him before he died. Back in the first lockdown my mum's older brother passed away in Austria and we couldn't see him as well.

During lockdown I did play more on my ps4 than normal. I am glad to be safe and still here and thankful to my family friends for helping me be safe.

Asif Q

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