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Lauren’s Covid-19 Story

I cope so well since in January when I keep myself busy when we in lockdown since February and I keep myself well and safe. To keep myself busy going on zoom meetings as well talk to everyone so I keep well to keep me busy. Plus I play on my Nintendo Switch as well keep my busy walk in Claybury Park. All sorts I did keep me busy last year at Christmas with my family since I been isolated last year when I been in my room 10 days when I got a cold and cough and I have a Covid test before Christmas Day on Friday 25. I came out my room spent time with my parents at Christmas in Longwood Gardens last year. This story about how I cope well during lockdown.

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Emily’s Lockdown Story

I live with my family; Mum, Dad & siblings Charlotte & Tom and of course my dog Ollie. During lockdown we had our Nan come to stay with us too. I found lockdown tough because I am a very sociable pers


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