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Kristian's Story: My Life During Coronavirus

This post is from the My Life My Choice blog. Click this link to read the original post which includes easy read pictures.

My name is Kristian. I'm a member of My Life My Choice and I go to the My Life My Choice Didcot Group. I am writing this blog to tell you about what my life has been like since lockdown.

I have been shielding at home.

I have had to be very careful because I had a kidney transplant in September 2018.

To keep myself safe, I have been staying at home. I have only gone outside to go to a hospital appointment.

I have been keeping busy at home with my Mum.

  • Doing jigsaw puzzles

  • Watching old football matches because there weren't any new ones being played

  • Playing video games like Super Mario party, football and Jurassic Park

  • Watching films with my Mum

  • Meeting with my new day centre on Zoom and keeping in touch with my family

  • I have also been spending time in my garden.

My first trip out in the car with my Mum was on 20th August. We went to High Wycombe and visited some places I used to go to when I was younger.

I'll be doing some more trips outside before the end of 2020 but I'll be staying at home the rest of the time.

Stay safe everyone!

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