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Merry Christmas from the Surviving Through Story Team!

On Friday we had our last Surviving Through Story advisory board meeting - with friends, Christmas outfits, and our favourite Christmas jokes!

What did the policeman say to the snowman caught on the rob?


Why was the snowman sorting through the carrots?

He was picking his nose!

What do you get from an angry mouse at Christmas?

A cross mouse card.

Who delivers presents to baby sharks?

Santa Jaws

Why was Santa's workforce slow to produce all the presents?

They were taking elfies!

Which is the best Christmas to have - gold or silver?

Neither, it's platinum

What did Santa say to Frosty the snowman?

Icy you.

A man goes to the gym and says he wants a really good fitness programme. The instructor says "How flexible are you?" and the man replies "Well I can't do Tuesdays!"

Our lovely Santa - Ajay - had a table of festive goodies and he pulled a cracker for us. The joke was... THERE WAS NO JOKE INSIDE! (Moral, don't by crackers from the superstore on his road)

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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