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Our Guidelines

Tips for writing your story


Tell us
about you
- the author!

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Your story - what’s happened to you?
How did you feel?


Your picture, photo or artwork.
Tell us about it Why did you choose it?


Your film
Tell us about it
Why did you make this film? When did you make it?


Anything else - a recipe, a song, a poem….
Tell us about it
Why did you choose it?

Tell us about any other thoughts and ideas

new or old.png

Do you think our lives should change when lockdown ends?

Tell us your ideas

Remember - you don’t need to do ALL of these. YOU can choose!

Here are some more helpful guidelines


When you are writing, keep some things private.

Don’t put personal details that would identify you or other people.

Here are examples..


My name is Mary.
I live in a city.
I was ill and they took me to the hospital
A nurse looked after me.
She was very kind.


My name is Mary Robinson. 
I live in Manchester. 
I was ill and they took me to the Royal Infirmary.
A nurse called Saba Khan looked after
me there. She was very kind.


We will only publish stories that are respectful of other people

no to racism.png

No racism, sexism, or unkindness


We will check your piece to make sure it is OK before we publish it.
This may take a short time.


For "Celebrate A Life" stories, please just use a first name, initials, or even a made up name if you want. It is YOUR story about the person.


We would love to put up photos with the story but for this we need consent from the families or carers of the person who died.

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